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For years, playing with submission and dominance has held a great fascination for me.
As fulfilling as it is to submit to a responsible Dom, it is also appealing for me to reverse the roles and take the lead.
With passion and submissiveness, I will surrender myself as your SUB and respect you as my Dom; knowing that you will never exceed my limits (e.g.: nipple clamps, anal treatments) and will reward or punish me according to my behavior.
Knowing that you will never exceed my limits (e.g. nipple clamping, anal treatments) and will give me the reward or punishment I deserve according to my behavior.
I will also take equal pleasure in bringing you to the submissive side of the game and teaching you the desired behavior.
Let's find out together where our place should be. 
Of course, the power structure can also change at any time during a session if we feel like it.
Appointments can only be made via the studio management (Caroline). 
We will of course have a personal preliminary talk, but you are welcome to let me know your ideas over the phone.
Caroline will tell you everything you need to know about me so that our encounter is fulfilling for both of us.
I am already looking forward to exciting hours
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