Slave in Vienna

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In the field of fetishism and BDSM, some vocabulary is not clearly defined. For example, the boundaries between sub and slave are very fluid and allow for the most diverse facets and types of play. As a rule, a slave is not simply a servant for the sexual satisfaction of her masters, but also subordinates herself in everyday life. A slave is often to be understood as an intensified version of a sub. In her role, a slave completely renounces her own rights and gives herself completely into the hands of her masters. It goes without saying that this relationship must be based on trust.

What things are important for a slave girl? In most cases, a slave sees herself as such temporarily, i.e. during pleasurable erotic play. It is often the successful, self-confident and free-thinking women who want to take on a completely opposite role as a slave. Although there is often a financial relationship between slave and master, in very few cases is there complete financial dependence. The situation is often different with slave contracts, which are referred to as 24/7. This means nothing less than complete enslavement, i.e. every day and around the clock. Such relationships between mistress or master and slave only very rarely arise out of sexual desire or need, but in fact mostly out of financial necessity.
In any case, the slave must perform the tasks assigned to her conscientiously. Good work is often rewarded, while missteps are usually punished.

What sexual services must a slave perform?

In principle, there is no precise plan as to which tasks a slave has to perform. This also applies to sexuality, although there are usually hardly any taboos standing in the way. It goes without saying that a good master or a suitable dominatrix will take any limits of the slave into consideration. Otherwise, however, she must be available at all times in her role as a slave. A pleasure slave must therefore allow herself to be fucked vaginally, orally or anally at any time and, depending on prior agreement, must also be at the service of her master's friends. With regard to BDSM, a slave should be as resilient as possible, whereby painful treatments are usually only to be expected as punishment for misconduct. However, if the slave is a proven masochist, she may also see the pain of pleasure as a kind of reward and a particularly extensive session as a thank you for a job well done.

Even a slave contract does not make you completely without rights

Of course, no one in this country is allowed to disregard the law. A slave contract concluded between mistress or master and slave may, under certain circumstances, exclude a later lawsuit for bodily injury. Nevertheless, dominant persons are of course not permitted to torture a female slave or otherwise put her in serious danger. All rights granted by law also apply to a slave, even if she temporarily waives them.

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