Soft Slave in Vienna

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The name of a soft slave already tells you what kind of lady she is. Just like the „normal“ slave, the soft slave also wants to fulfill the wishes and needs of her masters as well as possible. However, the soft slave is less resilient when it comes to hard variants of S/M and will generally regard painful sessions as a punishment, but never as a reward.

Therefore, the Soft slave is also more likely to be used for dominant-submissive games in which physicality only plays a subordinate role. The disciplining and education of a soft slave therefore takes place primarily on an emotional level; the cane is at best a last resort. And even then only if this has been agreed beforehand.

When should you choose a soft slave girl? For many people, BDSM has two sides that clearly go together. On the one hand, there is the mental-emotional level, on which many parts of dominance can already be lived out. On the other hand, there is the physicality, i.e. the living out of sadism or masochism. In general, a soft slave can also have masochistic tendencies, although she would then probably categorize herself differently. In most cases, the soft slave submits voluntarily and of her own accord because she does not have to expect any physical punishment and generally only little emotional punishment. The masters also tend to work with positive reinforcement and reward the soft slave for her services.

It can therefore be said that a soft slave is suitable for dominant leaders, but not for sadists. In addition, the master or dominatrix should accept that a soft slave also has desires and needs.

A soft slave is not a worthless subject

Rather, a soft slave is a submissive servant who does not question wishes and tasks, but fulfills them unconditionally. She also likes to be a mistress to her masters, who naturally want to be treated accordingly. She is therefore aware of her effect as a lady and expects appropriate respect. In return, she will fulfill all of her master's or mistress' wishes and only name her own when asked directly.

A soft slave is also happy to serve people who have dedicated themselves to a particular fetish. This applies in particular to preferences such as high heels, nylons or latex. In the case of such a clothing fetish, the soft slave can also be entrusted with the care of the clothing and utensils. This is a task that she will gladly fulfill if she has a personal preference.
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