Foot fetish in Vienna

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When it comes to eroticism, opinions differ. While some people consider shoes to be completely unsexy, for others they are the epitome of eroticism. However, the image is increasingly changing in a positive direction: especially well-groomed women's shoes can be seen everywhere in the warm season. In open sandals, the ladies show off their neatly painted nails, which of course has a clear effect on many onlookers. Many men would be only too happy to stroke, kiss and caress these beautifully wrapped feet. And most ladies would definitely enjoy it too - at least if it's the right man or a nice customer.

Can there be anything hotter than legs and legs? The basic equipment for erotic lingerie includes beautiful nylon stockings. Whether strapless or as tights, the legs and above all the feet are always perfectly staged. Hardly any man can escape the multiple effects of the scent, the feel of the nylons and the visual appeal. Dominas in particular are well aware of this fact and know that they don't have to ask a man for long to get down on their knees in front of these sensual creatures. First, the man usually takes care of the shoes and then moves on to the feet. Not least thanks to the smooth material of the nylon stockings, a foot massage then becomes a feast for all the senses - for both men and women.  

What exactly is a footjob?

A footjob can be done gently or the hard way. In most cases, the man sits without briefs with his thighs open in a position where the woman can easily reach his best parts with her feet. Whether this involves very gentle, subtle movements or forceful kicking is, of course, a matter of agreement. Some dominant ladies don't just use their feet for this, but leave them in nice high heels with pointed heels. However, most men find it particularly stimulating when they can feel the nylon of the stockings on their cock and balls. When it gets harder, the contrast between these delicate, equally stockinged feet and the hard sticks that are used with them usually kicks them. It is not uncommon for the footjob to end with the man's orgasm, whereby he then often cums directly onto the foot. Consequently, many ladies then expect the man to clean the strings again, for which he is usually allowed to use his lips and tongue. This prolongs the eroticism for the lady and represents a reward or humiliation for the man, depending on the context. Special forms of foot eroticism

Some people love a rather dirty form of eroticism. The feet should therefore be as unwashed as possible and may sometimes even be in rather ugly socks. What started out in the homosexual scene has now long since spread to professional women. However, there are understandably not very many women who are enthusiastic about this bizarre game and include it in their portfolio.
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