LeFemme body whispering of a mature Viennese lady

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Price from€100 /30 min.
Map Marker Wienerstrasse/Korneuburg West
Around Wien
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An unforgettable experience for the gentleman over 30 with heart and mind and devotion!
The lingam massage is the intimate part of the massage for men. It actually serves to expand a man's consciousness on a mental, physical and spiritual
level, but can also simply be perceived as a wellness massage. The lingam massage encompasses the man's genital area and opens up deep access to his own pleasure and sexuality. A Lingam massage encourages you to review sexual limitations and replace them with more sexual fulfillment and new
qualities of touch and experience
. Since it is all about receiving and the focus is primarily on needs, the man can develop his sexual potential and thus a genuine ability to love. When used in therapy, this also promotes growth.

My erotic massage is a particularly sensual body whisper that gets under your skin in the truest sense of the word
. With particularly sensitive, slowly gliding
touches, positive emotions such as love and sexual arousal are transmitted to the
brain, bringing you to a point of ecstasy that you can never reach with sex.
I use only my hands for this purpose, stimulating you additionally with an exciting body massage.
The final part of the touch consists of gentle, tender pampering of your erogenous zones - and
culminates in a sensitive massage of the intimate area.
The massage is ideal for people who like to experience physical closeness and tenderness. Please note that there are absolutely no sexual acts in the course of prostitution, if your focus is on sex then please choose one of the other wonderful ladies who will fulfill this for you. I offer eroticism at the highest level, perhaps your most expensive orgasm but certainly the best you can experience! 
A private short video of what to expect you get around 25€ 

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  • 100% Private


Monday 08:30 till 22:00
Tuesday 08:30 till 22:00
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Saturday 09:00 till 22:00
Sunday 09:00 till 22:00
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Calendar Solid Icon 06.11.2023
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