Prostate Massage in Vienna

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While the G-spot is considered a real hotspot in women, where a woman is most easily sexually stimulated, the prostate in men is considered similarly irritable. However, as the prostate is not as easily accessible as the G-spot, many men have no experience with a prostate massage. If you want to stimulate the prostate properly, the best way to do this is through the rosette. And as we all know, this is a taboo zone for many men. "My ass stays young and fresh" is then often said, because the penchant for anal sex is often seen as a peculiarity of homosexual men. As the active part, however, very few men would object to ass fucking if they did it with a woman. This is actually a great pity, because it deprives men of a particularly horny, pleasurable experience. And, from a more subtle point of view, prostate massage has nothing to do with homosexuality, otherwise the male prostate would not be so sensitive to stimulation in heterosexual men.

The prostate massage for beginners

In sex education lessons at school, you learn a lot of details about the normal act of love, but nothing about anal sex or prostate massage. It is therefore difficult to discover how pleasurable it is for yourself. Of course, it is best to find an experienced partner for this. Otherwise, the motto is: it's up to the man.

To do this, the bowel should be completely empty, so the evening is the right time for most people to play around. Colon irrigation with a special enema tip can also be helpful to avoid unpleasant, smelly surprises.

You (or your partner) can then apply a little lubricant to the rosette and slowly penetrate with your finger. When the finger is moved forward towards the penis, the prostate massage begins. This is exactly where the organ is located. Of course, it is also possible to intensify the massage effect by carefully trying to stretch the rosette with additional fingers. Special toys can also be used in the course of this game.

The prostate massage in a BDSM context

For many dominant ladies, prostate massage is a normal part of their repertoire, even if it is not considered as such here. However, ass fucking with a strapon can certainly be described as a prostate massage. If the lady then even penetrates the man's ass with her whole hand, this usually triggers incredibly intense sensations. Many men speak of a real addiction factor here and like to be fingered, fisted or fucked with a strapon again and again. Of course, this doesn't stop the partners from packaging the ass fucking as a humiliating, punishing act.
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