Tantra Massage in Vienna

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Switch off completely and let all your senses be pampered during a massage: The Tantra massage makes it possible to be erotic and yet not too demanding at the same time. This mixture makes it one of the most popular forms of massage worldwide - and not without reason. After all, it helps you to concentrate on yourself and your own energy flow and to learn to enjoy yourself. Which is why the intimate area is also important (after all, erotic energy is also energy).

What is the purpose of tantra massage? The idea behind tantra is as simple as it is sophisticated: Those who know themselves and manage to bring their body and soul into harmony with each other feel better.

Tantra massage is therefore a kind of translation of this idea into a very special form of hand-skin contact. Even though it is not extensively explained in the tantric scriptures, it has nevertheless earned its place in the massage practices of all continents. And rightly so, when you consider that masseuses really want to inspire their clients and appeal to their souls through comprehensive skin contact.

In this context, erotic stimulation and fulfillment can certainly come about. However, this is not the main intention of Tantra massage, nor is the professional staff working with it to be classified as sex workers.

What does a tantra massage look like? One of the most relevant aspects of a tantra massage is the time: it needs to be between one and three hours so that you can really let go and leave everyday life behind you.

Of course, it is helpful that such an application always takes place in an environment that appeals to all the senses: Soft, melodious music, gentle fragrances and a variety of feel-good materials such as silk or feathers contribute to relaxation that is as far-reaching as possible.

During the Tantra massage itself, all the desired parts of the body are carefully and sensitively massaged with fingertip sensitivity. In principle, no part of the body has to remain untouched, although yoni and lingam massages, i.e. the respective intimate areas of the woman and man, are only massaged at the end. After all, a lot of trust and a high level of basic relaxation are required here.

Who is the Tantra Massage suitable for? Regardless of whether you are a woman, man or couple: Tantra massage is ideal for anyone who enjoys a massage and at the same time appreciates a potential erotic element. The advantage of Tantra massage in this respect is that it is individual and leaves plenty of room for the situation to unfold.

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