Bizarre in Vienna

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Bizarre – There is probably no other term in the field of eroticism that is so vague. In contrast to the other items on a list of preferences, bizarre is interpreted in very different ways. Synonyms for it are correspondingly diverse and range from adventurous to idiosyncratic, whimsical to grotesque. But whatever the case may be, if a lady has bizarre as one of her preferences, you can expect unusual wishes from her. Sometimes you just have to read between the lines.

What is usually meant by bizarre?

It goes without saying that there is no single line here. Anyone who does not go beyond the riding position or missionary position in eroticism will describe everything else as bizarre or even perverted. Hardcore fetishists, on the other hand, may use the term bizarre to describe some of their favorite types of play. Of course, it then has a completely positive connotation. In general, you can at least identify a direction in which bizarre games tend to go.

In most cases, a clothing fetish plays a central role, such as mutating into a grotesque creature in latex. Such styling can be central and replace other sexual acts. Of course, there are no clear guidelines in this regard, so it is always a matter of prior agreement.

Bizarre preferences dance out of line

The fact that everyone has a different understanding of the term bizarre also means that it encompasses the most unusual sexual preferences. In addition to the latex fetish already described (which can also be understood with a bit of humor), this category also includes doctor and clinic games (like breath reduction), diaper fetish or object fetishism. Bizarre are also all games involving body fluids, such as sperm games, natural champagne or caviar. In principle, anything that does not cause lasting physical or psychological harm to anyone and is not prohibited by law is permitted. Anyone who enjoys bizarre games should search specifically for this term.

However, due to the complexity described, it is absolutely necessary to understand its interpretation beforehand. So before you open the door and present your unusual ideas, you should first listen to what the lady has to say in this regard. You can assume that a lady with bizarre preferences has a rather short list of taboos. Nevertheless, you cannot and should not expect her to get involved in every bizarre game. But if they both have similar ideas, they can complement each other perfectly in the bizarre area.
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