Breath Reduction in Vienna

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Light and air: humans need both to live. In terms of creative and really hot sex, however, a brief interruption in the supply of light and air can also be a top-class kick. In the best case scenario, a brief lack of air can cause real fireworks in the body and brain. However, this is only the case if real connoisseurs and open-minded people are at work. Otherwise, it has life-threatening potential.

How does breath reduction work?

A wide variety of techniques can be used to reduce breathing. One option is for the active part to close the nostrils and mouth to the passive part. Alternatively, the throat can be closed below the larynx using the two thumbs. Or you can use a gas mask to reduce breathing: This aid is particularly well known in the military - but is preferable in erotic games without an oxygen cartridge. In this variant, closing the opening for a short time is enough to cause an oxygen interruption.

Regardless of which variant you choose: Breath reduction is not only a sensual thrill, but also a rather risky sex game under certain circumstances. Precise knowledge of anatomy and technique is therefore essential if you want to keep the game hot.

In a nutshell: What to look out for during breath reduction

The active part is the one who has to have the scene under control in the truest sense of the word. Those who force the air out of their opponent's throat must be extremely careful with the larynx. Because if the larynx is affected too much during the breath reduction, the game quickly turns very serious.

Variants in which the air no longer reaches the nose and mouth tend to be less dangerous. However, this does not mean that there are no stumbling blocks with this type of breathing reduction: Some people panic very quickly when they run out of oxygen and are therefore not suitable teammates.

In principle, you should therefore never implement ideas against the basic will of another person and, even if this is the case, always rely on their physical signals. However, if there is sincere interest, no health problems and a corresponding relationship of trust, nothing stands in the way of reducing breathing. After all, trial and error makes perfect sense.

BDSM and breath reduction – a wickedly sensual mixture?

Speaking of trust: This is also extremely important in BDSM when a sub surrenders to a dominus or a dominatrix.

The breath reduction is therefore a sex and erotic variant with which the top can prove himself worthy of the trust placed in him. At the same time, the submissive part surrenders to a great extent and can enjoy a certain helplessness and defencelessness - especially when breath reduction is combined with bondage elements.
It goes without saying that close attention must also be paid to observing the passive person's physical signals. However, dominatrices in particular are usually well trained in breath reduction and know exactly what their scope of action is in which situation.
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