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The Studio de Sade is a fetish studio for BDSM lovers who want to experience intense erotic sessions with a dominatrix.

The Studio de Sade has been open since April 4, 2018 and is located in the heart of Währing, the 18th district in Vienna, which is easy to reach due to its central location.

The focus of the studio is on BDSM, bizarre fetish and the realization of one's own fantasies through the strict hand of the dominas.

A variety of professional dominas are available, as well as different rooms in which the slaves submit to the necessary education.

These include elegantly designed rooms, a clinic(t) room for bizarre doctor games, a barrier-free wet area, a spectacular fixation chair and fixation trestle, a separate bondage room, a transformation area and a black area completely designed for BDSM games.

Fetish comes first at Studio de Sade.

The slaves contact the desired dominatrix and are then tortured, educated and guided according to preference.

The previous location of the studio has not been changed, only the interior: it is state-of-the-art and offers a comprehensive selection of tools, special fetish furniture and services that enhance the stay with the mistresses.

The Studio de Sade only provides the facilities, but is not responsible for the prices of the respective session; each of the ladies takes care of this herself.


The highlights of the studio are the realistic clinic, as well as the numerous possibilities for fixing, locking and unlocking the  slaves and their chastisement.

These include not only classic restraints, but also a crane, a love swing, a sling, a pillory, a slave chair and, and, and...

The Studio de Sade thus offers every bizarre fetish the necessary basis for implementation.

The studio regularly organizes events that are entirely dedicated to the spirit of fetish and are always dedicated to a special theme.

Another offer of the Studio de Sade is the possibility to book the rooms privately.

This offer is valid for couples as well as for larger groups.

The studio can also be booked for an all-inclusive price for the whole night. Please inquire by email or phone.

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We look forward to your visit or your inquiries.

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