Licking Services in Vienna

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There are very different ways in which people can stimulate themselves sexually. In addition to the genitals, the hands and mouth also play a central role. Who doesn't love being stroked and kissed? Licking services can therefore be interpreted in many different ways. If a lady names licking services as a preference, it must first be clarified whether these licking services are meant to be active or passive.

Licking services as part of normal lovemaking

In principle, the different types of oral intercourse can be described as licking services. Whether it's cunnilingus or fellatio, whether it's the ravishing of the throat, breasts or other areas of the body using lips and tongue: licking services are rarely referred to as such, but are practised everywhere.

The epitome of licking services is, of course, the blow job, i.e. the mouthing of the male member. It's not just men who love the feeling of a soft but demanding mouth on their best piece. Women are also often downright cock-hungry and are only too happy to offer such licking services. With a deepthroat, i.e. the insertion of the cock into the throat, this licking service can be taken to the extreme. However, not every woman is up for it. Some also insist on blowing with rubber, as some women find it more hygienic.

On the other hand, cunnilingus is a very popular licking service. In this case, the man spoils the woman with his lips and tongue. Many men and women love to experience this game as facesitting. This means that the woman sits directly on the man's face. In addition to the actual licking service, he can also tease her with his chin and nose.  

Lick services in BDSM

Licking services play a central role in BDSM, with the lady usually taking the dominant role. The partner can then be used for a wide variety of licking services, which they will perceive as a reward or punishment, depending on the context. A classic of these licking services is, of course, the lady's shoes and feet. The man sits on the floor in front of the woman, who stretches her legs out towards him. In most cases, he is allowed to massage the entire legs, but with his mouth especially around the feet. If they are wearing high heels, the licking services are mainly directed at the heels of the shoes. The soles and other parts of the high heels also often need to be cleaned with the tongue. If the lady sits in front of the man without shoes, he can lick and caress her bare or stockinged feet.
It is a special honor for a submissive man when he is allowed to lick a lady anally or vaginally. He will often have to earn permission for a long time. And she will pay close attention to whether he is doing the right thing and, if necessary, educate, instruct and reprimand him in her own way.
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