Blowjob with rubber in Vienna

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There are probably only a few things that are known to everyone despite having a completely wrong name. Blow jobs are one of them: Actually, of course, nothing is blown here, but the man's member is caressed with lips and tongue and often sucked on. Giving head with a rubber is of course clearly the safest option: there is no direct contact between the body and the condom, so there is no exchange of fluids. This minimizes the risk of infection from sexually transmitted diseases.

Can you even get infected during oral sex? As Aids is the best-known sexually transmitted disease and cannot be transmitted orally, unprotected oral sex is generally considered safe. However, blow jobs with rubber are generally recommended because, starting with herpes, numerous diseases can be transmitted in this way.

What to look out for when blowing with rubber?

When giving a rubber blowjob, the man puts a condom on his penis early on so that no unprotected body contact can take place. To make this game tasty for the woman in the truest sense of the word, condom manufacturers developed flavored contraceptives many years ago. This flavored coating can also be tasted by the man or woman, because the rubber should only be used for blowing anyway. The reason for this is that the condom is naturally tractioned by the lips, tongue and teeth during a rubber blow job, causing minimal damage. If it were subsequently used during vaginal or anal sex, one hundred percent safety could not be guaranteed. In addition, the lubricant is naturally reduced or even completely licked off when giving a rubber blowjob. If you want to fuck later, the rubber no longer slips the way you would like it to.


Why can blow jobs with rubber be particularly hot? Most ladies in the horizontal trade offer blowjobs with rubber, especially to those men who don't seem to take body hygiene very seriously. Conversely, they are also happy when a customer is willing to give a rubber blowjob as a matter of course - perhaps even without being asked. In this way, the man signals a sense of responsibility, which some of the women certainly know how to honor. The cock may be well wrapped under the latex, but this does not apply to the balls and surrounding areas. And once the lady has started giving a rubber blowjob, she may also use her mouth to spoil the man's entire genital area. And this bonus is then of course pure, without rubber or any other kind of protective packaging.

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