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Blowjobs without a rubber are one of the most popular types of erotic play. The reason for this is quickly explained: Generally speaking, you don't need any accessories for a rubber-free blowjob, and this game can be played almost anywhere and at any time. Whether at home on the sofa, on a walk in the woods or even in a hidden niche in the foot zone, a cock like this can be unpacked and put in your mouth in just a few simple steps.

What's the appeal of giving a blowjob without a rubber? In addition to the purely practical considerations, giving a blowjob without a rubber is of course a particularly close, sensual experience. A woman who blows an unwrapped cock doesn't have to feel it through a flavored rubber sleeve. Instead of having to taste any artificial flavorings, she can taste the real aroma of the man. In addition, she can of course explore all the smallest contours of the penis with her tongue without being hindered by a layer of latex.

Ejaculation is also often perceived as particularly hot. When giving a blowjob without a rubber, the woman can take in all of the man's sperm with her mouth and possibly even swallow it. It goes without saying that fans of golden showers are also enthusiastic about giving blowjobs without a rubber. This is because natural champagne can be taken directly from its source and oral sex can be enjoyed at the same time.

So there are many different ways to give a blowjob without rubber. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to giving a blowjob without a rubber. For example, most men love to be teased on the glans when giving a rubber-free blowjob, while others discover their sensitive areas elsewhere in the penis. Almost all men are enthusiastic about the so-called deep throat, in which the woman pushes the man's penis as deep as possible into her throat. However, this game usually requires lengthy training, otherwise the natural arousal quickly sets in.

Accessories for blowing without rubber

It may sound crazy at first, but you can also use various accessories when giving a blowjob without rubber. A cock ring, for example, ensures stability, provides additional stimulation and also looks really sexy. Attractive underwear that can be taken off quickly also invites you to give a blowjob without a condom.  The woman, on the other hand, can provide additional tingling when giving a blowjob without a condom - of course this also applies to the 69 position. This literally applies when she first fills her mouth with sparkling mineral water before turning her attention to the male penis. And an ice cube put in her mouth also has an effect when giving a blowjob without a rubber.  

Risks of giving a blowjob without a rubber

It goes without saying that various pathogens can be transmitted when giving a blowjob without rubber. This makes hygiene and the certainty that both partners are actually healthy all the more important. If a woman wants to minimize the risk of giving a blowjob without a rubber, she should ingest as little of the man's body fluids as possible by mouth.
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