69 in Vienna

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Sometimes a two-digit number is enough to describe a whole word. The best example of this is the sixty-nine position. In the appropriate context, it doesn't take too much imagination to understand the basic principle of the sex position: The 9 is spelled like an upside-down 6, and just as the two numbers lie against each other in opposite positions, so it is with sex. However, the partners usually lie on top of each other rather than next to each other. As long as the partners' body sizes are not fundamentally different, they can reach each other's genitals with their mouths. The basic variant of the sixty-nine position is therefore a combination of cunnilingus and fellatio, but not a form of real penetration.

Why is 69 so much fun? In general, 69 is one of the most popular types of erotic play. This is hardly surprising, because only in this position can both partners pleasure each other with their mouths at the same time. In addition to the tongue and lips, the nose and chin are usually used for additional stimulation. Intense, generous body contact also helps to increase pleasure. Generally speaking, it is of course possible for both partners to pleasure each other to the same beat. However, this is not an obligation. Under certain circumstances, it can even be arousing if the partners can do their own thing independently of each other without having to coordinate with each other.

Sixty-nine: a clean affair?

Particular attention should be paid to hygiene in the sixty-nine position. If you also pay attention to cleaning your anal area during a shower or a relaxing bath, you can also extend the washing program to the anal area. This will largely prevent dangerous anal bacteria from being transmitted during so-called rimming, i.e. rimming the backside with the tongue. If you want to play it completely safe, there is additional protection during anal intercourse: men use a condom, women a latex cloth that is placed over the intimate area. Of course, this can also take place without protection; in the past, natural sex was normal.

69 variants

In addition to the classic variant, position 69 can be interpreted in many different ways. In principle, it can also be practiced in the side position, i.e. in a kind of inverted flat position. However, this requires some practice, especially for the woman, as she has to lift one leg slightly to open her genital area. In another interpretation of 69, the man does not stimulate his partner with his mouth, but with a dildo strapped on as a kind of oral harness. This is held in place by a gag protruding into the mouth, but can also be moved in this way for additional stimulation.
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