Anal with protection in Vienna

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Of course, opinions are still divided when it comes to anal sex. What is the epitome of hot sex for many people is still a big taboo for others. After all, in recent years, anal sex has come a long way out of the closet. In the past, anal sex was considered to be the exclusive domain of homosexual men, but today it has arrived in the mainstream of society.

Why anal with protection?

You don't need a degree in biology to know that no woman can get pregnant during anal sex. However, pathogens can be transmitted during this game, some of which are not entirely harmless. Of course, sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, which can be transmitted via the exchange of body fluids, should be mentioned here. However, coliform bacteria and other microorganisms also live in the intestine and should ideally not be transmitted at all.

Showering and anal rinsing = anal with protection?

There is a persistent rumor that the aforementioned anal hygiene alone provides sufficient protection. In fact, such measures go a long way towards providing anal protection. However, they mainly protect the man who is fucking, but not the woman. So while anal with protection is partially guaranteed for him, there is still a full risk of infection in the other direction. It is best to use a condom for anal with protection, then you are both on the safe side. The opposite of anal with protection is the so-called Anal Natur.

Anal with protection when playing with toys

It is often said that anal with protection when playing with sex toys is already automatically given. However, this is only partly true, as the sex toys used must be 100% hygienic. However, not both partners can usually confirm this aspect with certainty. If you want anal with protection when playing with sex toys, but still want to do without condoms, it is best to clean the toys together. Even if they already look completely clean beforehand.

Anal with protection

A particular advantage of anal with protection is the nature of condoms. Because they are already coated with lubricant, there is usually no need to use any additional lubricant for protected anal sex. Special anal condoms are particularly recommended for anal with protection. These are not only very stable, but are usually also coated with a special lubricant that is particularly suitable for ass fucking.
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