French with her in Vienna

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The most popular type of sex is, of course, genital intercourse. But right behind it comes oral sex, which is usually also referred to as French sex. There is hardly a man who doesn't like to have his cock spoiled by a woman with her mouth. French with her, however, is a lesser-known game, but its friends are at least as passionate about it.

What is meant by Französisch bei ihr?

French with her is the equivalent of fellatio, i.e. cunnilingus. This foreign word is used to describe the act of ravishing the female vagina with the mouth. The forms that French can take with her are, of course, completely different.

What do men like about French with her? Even if many other men think it's almost absurd, for some of their sexual partners, French with her is a real addiction that they can't get enough of. A female vagina feels warm and soft and also has its very own scent and taste. Of course, not everyone likes both, but Französisch still has a lot of fans with her.

Why do women like Französisch with her?

It's not just men who like to be worked on „Französisch“: Women also love to feel a man's soft lips and tongue between their legs. The desire for this comes from very similar motives as with men, because in both cases it is romanticized how sensitively he or she can handle the tongue and lips and that it is a kind of continuation of the kiss. For women, French is a gentle alternative to the hard cock they are fucked with during sex.  

Französisch with her as a game of power and submission

Although fans of French with her may not realize it, for many men cunnilingus is a clear sign of submission. Just as a man who has his cock sucked by a woman tends to be in a dominant position, the lady tends to be in a powerful position with her during French sex. This is why she also likes to incorporate French into BDSM practices, although the man does not always participate completely voluntarily. For example, he can be tied up lying down so that the lady then sits on his face. This form of facesitting is also known as facesitting. In another variation, the submissive man kneels in front of the seated woman and presses his face between her thighs. This allows him to ravish her very gently with his lips and tongue.
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