Facesitting in Vienna

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There are some types of sexual play whose fascination cannot be explained. Rather, you have to experience them to really recognize their secret. A typical example of this is facesitting. Many people enjoy this game so much that they even prefer facesitting to normal sex if necessary or would even do without fucking altogether. What do you need to know about facesitting to have a really hot experience?  

The special form of physical closeness

Even during cunnilingus, a man can intensively satisfy a woman with his mouth. In contrast to facesitting, however, no permanent firm pressure is exerted, even if the man has well-developed muscles: At some point, the pressure automatically eases, which for the woman may mean a slightly nourishing feeling. But the man also enjoys the tightness and warmth much more when the corresponding pressure plays a role. Facesitting makes exactly this closeness possible. The man lies down on his back before the woman sits on his face with her legs apart. Depending on the woman's existing posture and body weight, it may be advisable for her to hold on and possibly support herself when sitting down. This allows her to control how much weight is on the man's face. He can now stimulate the woman's intimate and anal area with his lips and tongue, but also with his chin and nose. A beard, if present, can provide additional stimulation. When facesitting, it is of course important that the man gets enough air to breathe. With a little training, however, it is possible to turn the head slightly for short breathing pauses during facesitting in order to sink the face completely under the woman again afterwards.  

Can facesitting be a form of BDSM? In BDSM, facesitting is often one of the few types of play in which the man is allowed to get physically close to a dominant woman. Sex or kissing are usually excluded, but the man is allowed to lick the lady's genital and anal area. However, this does not always have to be a clean affair: Facesitting is sometimes also a means to an end, for example to provide the man as a human toilet with natural champagne from the source. Some Dominas also let the facesitting slave touch their buttocks to ensure special cleanliness and hygiene. Facesitting is also integrated into bondage practices so that he cannot escape. A special spreader gag can also be used in this form of facesitting to ensure that the man keeps his mouth wide open.

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