Threesome MFF in Vienna

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One of the secret fantasies of many men is the threesome MFF. In fact, it is usually right at the top of the imaginary list. Basically, this also shatters the long-held prejudice that men only have one erogenous zone. Of course, the penis also plays a central role in threesome MFF. Nevertheless, no man would deny that he can satisfy two women not only one after the other, but even at the same time.

One cock, two pussies

Clearly, a man can only ever put his best friend in one fuck hole, so he can only have sex with one woman at a time. However, the man still has two hands and a mouth at his disposal - and therefore enough tools to stimulate another woman. In most cases, a man dreams of fucking both women one after the other in a threesome MFF. However, there is nothing to be said against kissing the second woman hotly and intimately with the tongue while having sex with the first lady.

In a variation of this, the man stimulates one woman with his cock and the other with his hand or mouth at the same time. Facesitting is also perfect for the latter variation. The man lies on his back and the first lady sits on his cock. Of course, she is free to choose whether she prefers to feel him in the ass or in the pussy. The second woman sits on his face with her legs apart so that he can stimulate her pussy and possibly her anal area with his lips and tongue. This game can be taken to the extreme with a strapped-on dildo gag. Thanks to this sex toy, the man does not satisfy the second woman directly with his mouth, but with the said sex toy. Incidentally, the women can sit on the man so that they are facing each other and can caress and kiss each other.  

Sandwich with a difference

In the classic sandwich variant, a woman is fucked by two men at the same time. In the threesome MFF you need additional toys, but here either a woman or the man can be in the middle. One of the ladies uses a strapon and then has the option of penetrating either the other woman or the man. If she fucks the man, he can have sex with the other woman at the same time. Alternatively, she can pleasure the other woman with the dildo while she simultaneously feels the man's hard cock inside her.
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