Anal Stretching in Vienna

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At first, anal stretching sounds like a painful, unpleasant procedure. So it may sound strange why someone would enjoy it. However, this only applies to those who have never dealt with it before. After all, the human buttocks are almost as sensitive as the actual genitals, which is why they are particularly easy to stimulate. The butt fuck is of course the best-known form of anal stretching, because a rosette is naturally relatively narrow. However, it can be easily stretched and widened, which can be a lot of fun.

Are anal stretches only for women and gays? Not at all! The saying "My ass stays a virgin" is still common among heterosexual men. However, there is no reason why heterosexual men should enjoy anal stretching less than women and homosexual men. It may take some effort, but once you have tried anal stretching, you can hardly get enough of it. In any case, nobody has to worry about suddenly developing different sexual preferences through anal stretching - another stubborn rumor that is difficult to get rid of.

How do anal stretches work? Anyone who has ever seen a gigantic dildo or even an entire forearm disappearing into a rosette in a porn movie will logically only have a distorted image of anal stretching. In reality, this is a game that needs to be played very slowly and carefully. It would not be possible to shove a giant dildo into a young, fresh bottom without causing considerable injury. Therefore, proceed step by step. Before the first anal stretches, you should ensure thorough hygiene. This means first taking a thorough shower or bath and ideally rinsing the bottom with special cans and warm water.
Only when all the water has really drained out can the game begin. As a pre-treatment, the rosette is rubbed with special lubricant, and it is best to wet the inside with this lubricant using your fingers. Then you can carefully insert a small dildo, whereby absolute relaxation is of course important. Once you have gotten used to its size, you can reach for the next size. To really get to XXL size, weeks of training are usually required. Special butt plugs, which can be worn under clothing, shorten the hardening phase.

Are anal stretches purely a BDSM practice? Anal stretching is a fairly integral part of many BDSM sessions. Many people have the aforementioned image of a dominatrix penetrating a slave kneeling in front of her with a huge strapon. In general, however, anal stretching can also stand alone and be practiced in a very cuddly, even romantic way. Whether BDSM or not, women in particular can take anal stretching to the extreme by combining it with vaginal stretching or vaginal fisting. With the „floating threesome“ anal stretching can also be integrated. Here, for example, the woman can be fucked vaginally and stretched anally at the same time or the anal stretching can take place with a man who is currently fucking.

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