Threesome MFM in Vienna

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There is certainly no other form of togetherness as intimate as sex. When two men and a woman come together for a threesome MFM, it is a particularly intimate feeling for everyone involved. Of course, only if everyone can agree on this special experience. But why does a threesome MFM kick more intensely than a Threesome FFM?  

Threesome MFM: Double Verwöhnprogramm für the lady

Why only have fun with one man when you can have two? Many women love the MFM threesome because they are actually spoiled in a double way. There's a second mouth to kiss, an extra pair of hands to caress the body and, of course, a second cock to suck. Of course, this is also possible while the lady is being fucked by the other man. It is also nice that two men generally mean twice the potency. If one of them has cum at the end of a hot ride and needs a breather, the woman can rely on the other man in a threesome MFM and let him fuck her anally.

The Sandwich: A horny version of the MFM threesome

For what reason does a woman have multiple fuckable bodies? It may not be the main reason, but it is a nice side effect that she can be fucked by two men at the same time during a threesome MFM. Such a sandwich can take various forms. In most cases, the woman will feel one man in her rosette and one in her pussy. This double penetration in a threesome MFM not only kicks the woman, but also the men. Sharing a woman for fucking is an insanely horny experience. With a sandwich, it is also theoretically possible for the men to stick their cocks in the same hole at the same time. Of course, there should be no fear of contact with your own sex, and such a threesome MFM usually requires some practice.

Three-way MFM with two bi men

Bisexual men have twice the fun. At least when they can experience a threesome MFM with like-minded people. It no longer matters who strokes or kisses whom. You can also suck a cock and fuck a woman or be fucked at the same time while you are in the lady's pussy. It's nice to know that this threesome MFM is not just a male fantasy: quite a large number of women enjoy watching two men wanking, licking, kissing and fucking. During a threesome MFM she will of course be doubly spoiled herself. What lady could resist that?  
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