Catheter in Vienna

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Catheters have played an important role in the medical field for a long time. In principle, these are tubes that are used to drain body fluids. Conversely, catheters can also be used to introduce fluids into the body. The best example of this is the drip that supplies a patient in hospital with medication or painkillers via a tube inserted in the arm. It is therefore clear that a catheter in an erotic context belongs in the field of clinical eroticism. Catheters also play a not insignificant role in other facets of BDSM – but they definitely belong to those sexual varieties that others would describe as bizarre or at least unusual.

Are catheters for the ass? Admittedly, the question is somewhat drastically formulated, but in many cases it can be answered with a clear yes. This is because catheters are most commonly used during clinic sex to perform enemas or bowel irrigations. Either a tube is used, but sometimes special catheter balls are also used. These are hollow balls made of rubber that are filled with water or an irrigation solution and then pushed into the rosette. As these syringes are usually not very voluminous, the procedure can be repeated several times and you retain control over the amount of liquid introduced.
The purpose of this type of bowel irrigation using a catheter is either to create feelings of pleasure through the treatment itself or to flush out any residual faeces that would interfere with further treatments (for example anal stretching, strapon – play or anal fisting).  

What are urinary catheters used for?

Special catheters are also suitable for treating the male genital organs. These tubes are inserted into the urethra to drain urine, for example. However, suitable solutions can also be inserted into the scrotum in this way. The patient is usually secured to a gynecological chair before the actual procedure begins. The application of a cock ring already ensures that the eggs bulge out. Then the lady (who is often a trained doctor or nurse) inserts a dilator or urethral vibrator to dilate the urethra and prepare it for the next procedure. Now the catheter tube comes into play, which is pushed into the urethra with skillful movements. Urine evacuation is comparatively simple, but another discipline requires even more experience. This is because letting a liquid into the man's scrotum is always associated with particularly intense sensations. For most men, the idea may be repulsive and unpleasant, but anyone who has experienced this treatment is usually completely thrilled.

Catheters require the highest level of hygiene

For all variants of clinical eroticism, they should only be carried out by experienced persons. Just like in a hospital, a lack of cleanliness can lead to bacterial infections or other diseases. But these are undesirable even in the toughest of games.
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