Ball Busting in Vienna

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Most men love ball games. However, ballbusting has nothing to do with football or handball, but refers to the balls that every man carries around with him by nature. Of course, every man knows how sensitive his best parts are, so ball busting may sound like a rather unpleasant procedure from the name alone. In fact, the name says it all: „Ball“ refers to the male testicles, „busting“ can be translated as squeezing, squeezing or even blowing up. Even if, of course, no explosives are used here, it is already clear at this point that it is a painful matter. This is why only masochists would wish to undergo this treatment voluntarily. At least when it comes to the harder variants of this game.

Ballbusting soft: the hand or foot job

The soft version of ballbusting is probably something most men can enjoy (including the soft versions of CBT). When a woman encloses her penis and testicles with her hand and then carefully squeezes them, it's a really hot thing. It's a similar experience when she uses her fingers to maltreat the man's genital area. Nylon stockings in particular feel wonderful. Both variants can of course be intensified as desired and can be quite painful or even dangerous. It is therefore essential to discuss beforehand how far you or the woman can go during the procedure.

Ballbusting hard: when the dominatrix goes for it

Truly sadistic women take great pleasure in torturing their slaves with ballbusting. As already described, this can be done by hand or foot without the need for any other accessories. With cock rings or similar utensils, however, the eggs can be shaped so that they stand out thick and plump and really invite to be played with. The lady usually has the right toy for this, such as a cane or other spanking tool. High heels with pointed heels are also perfect for working the man's balls in a perfidious way.

Ballbusting is not for the clueless

Ballbusting not only requires absolute trust, but also a lot of specialist knowledge. It's not without reason that the male testicles are the most sensitive parts of the body and can cause a lot of damage. An experienced dominatrix certainly has enough expertise to catapult the man into the highest spheres of pleasure and pain. In addition, of course, you have the right to stop the game at any time if it goes beyond his limits or if he feels that she doesn't know her way around as well as she claims.

By the way, ballbusting always depends on your mood and the mood of the day. Hardly any man will have the same feelings and the same fun every day when it comes to his balls. And that's a good thing.
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