Anal with you in Vienna

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It can be assumed that anal sex was practiced many thousands of years ago. After all, homosexuality is not an invention of recent times, but was already a reality in the Stone Age. Passive anal sex was therefore already a practice that many men used to spoil each other. But heterosexual couples have also always enjoyed passive anal sex as an alternative to vaginal intercourse. A tight rosette offers completely different sensations for both partners than a female vagina. However, anal sex is always highly controversial: Due to the natural dryness of the buttocks, you always need a lubricant or other lubricating fluid to prevent sex from becoming a painful affair. It is true that there are always people who see this pain as pleasurable and therefore deliberately do without lubricant during anal sex. However, this is a clear minority.

What does anal actually mean for you? While most men clearly see themselves in the active role during anal sex, the signs are reversed during passive anal sex. In this case, the woman is active and takes a closer look at the man's backside. Of course, "anal with you" is a very broad term, so it can be interpreted in very different ways. Men who book passive anal sex should therefore find out more about the possibilities from the lady and discuss in advance how far they are prepared to go under certain circumstances.

Variants of anal with you

The most common form of "anal with you" is finger or dildo games. The lady inserts one or more fingers into the man's ass. Alternatively, she can also use a dildo or vibrator for anal with you, with which she penetrates his buttocks. A variation of this form of anal with you is playing with a strapon. This is a strap-on dildo that is worn by the woman. Sometimes this toy also has an internal dildo that satisfies the woman and helps to keep the outer dildo in position. However, this larger dildo is considered to be the more important one and can vary in size from mini to XXL. Accordingly, anal play with you is sometimes soft and cuddly, but sometimes also really hard. Speaking of hard play: anal fisting is often referred to as the crowning glory of anal with you, but usually also requires long, extensive training. As the name suggests, in this form of anal with you, the lady pushes her entire hand into her partner's rosette. However, she does not usually form her hand into a fist, but into a kind of wedge that tapers towards the front. This makes it easier for the hand - and sometimes the whole forearm - to penetrate. In porn movies, this often looks like a child's play. In reality, however, it often takes weeks or even months to stretch the buttocks far enough.
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