Wax treatments in Vienna

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A really hot game – this description applies to wax treatments in the truest sense of the word. Because they make the skin increasingly sensitive to touch and therefore form a great basis for hot and cold games.
. But that's not all: wax treatments are also very seductive from an aesthetic and cosmetic point of view. And isn't it good that aesthetics and eroticism can be wonderfully combined to create a tingling mixture?

What makes the right accessories for waxing treatments? Before waxing treatments actually begin, at least the active party should have familiarized themselves with certain safety regulations. After all, hot candle wax can cause severe burns that are anything but erotic.

With this in mind, the choice of a suitable type of wax plays a decisive role. Beeswax candles have a melting point of around 70°C - too hot for human skin, which only tolerates temperatures up to around 60°C well. Tea light wax is at least as dangerous: if there is no solid wax left in the frame container, the steam can heat up to 350°C or even higher temperatures!
Stearin and paraffin candles, on the other hand, have melting points of around 55 to 60°C and are therefore suitable for wax treatments. Another plus point: they are not in a container and therefore always have a solid wax reserve.
It should also be noted that the drip height has a not insignificant influence on the wax temperature. In other words, the closer the wax is to the skin from the start, the hotter it will be. It is therefore worth starting waxing treatments at a greater distance and slowly working your way closer. Sensitive areas of the body, especially mucous membranes, should not be covered with wax either way.

Wax treatments with regard to aesthetics

Artistically valuable? Definitely, if the active part takes care and develops a certain concept! Different colors, casting or movements conjure up varied patterns on the curves of the passive part.

To increase the excitement of the wax treatments, it is also a good idea to blindfold and/or tie up the passive part. It will certainly give him positive excitement as he becomes a work of art piece by piece without being able to influence the process. Especially when other accessories such as feathers are added, a special kind of thrill is quickly created. It goes without saying that this can then be used for further sex games.

How do wax treatments and pleasure pain go together? Excellent! The material can be applied to the skin in a wide variety of ways during wax treatments, from lukewarm to quite hot, providing sensual experiences of a very special kind.

Incidentally, a variation of this also applies to wax treatments with cold wax: the pain of pleasure when the strips are rubbed off during waxing is a paradise for masochists. However, the corresponding areas of the body are then incredibly soft and feel excellent.

And why not try a combination of wax and impact play? First it's painful-hot – and as soon as the wax is dry, the active part uses a paddle or whip to get it off the skin again.

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