Hot/Cold Games in Vienna

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Hot or cold or maybe even both? Hot/cold games are a popular type of play in the SM area, but they are also suitable for cuddly, romantic vanilla sex acts. The special thing about them is that the passive partner often doesn't know exactly what to expect next. As a result, hot/cold games combine both mental and physical sensations in a pleasurable way. However, hot and cold games are subject to certain safety rules so that truly uninhibited, sensual enjoyment is possible.

What is the appeal of hot/cold play? Hot? Or rather cold? Or both at the same time? And when at all?
Hot/cold games are perfect for getting the body and the other person's imagination running at full speed. If you don't know what's going to happen next, anticipation and a little subliminal fear result in a top-class hormone kick.

In keeping with this, the surprise effect of (ice)cold games prevents the passive part from getting used to the excitement too quickly and no longer being receptive to it. Speaking of sensitivity: The beginning of hot/cold play often consists of the use of cold aids, as the cold significantly increases a later hot sensation. Logical consequence: the brain receives a large number of comparatively strong nerve stimuli and has a lot to do ...

What accessories do you need for hot/cold games? As the name suggests, the accessories for hot/cold games must be both coolable and heatable.

When it comes to cold, ice cubes are just as suitable as pre-chosen metal or glass dildos or similar toys. Candles and tea lights are shortlisted for the warm elements. Of course, it is important to make sure that all accessories are really suitable for hot/cold play. This means that only candles or tea lights that do not have too high a melting point and do not burn too hot are suitable. So it's worth paying attention to the right material for the sake of everyone's health during (ice)cold sex games!

How important is the right technique for hot/cold play? Not only the right accessories, but also the perfect technique makes hot/cold games a safe, pleasurable experience.

To prevent spontaneous frostbite, icy sex toys must never be inserted unprotected into body cavities. With regard to ice dildos, this means using condoms – and ice cubes should ideally only slide over skin surfaces during the fresh part of hot/cold play.

The same applies to candle wax: the genital area and the associated mucous membranes are often very stressed by excessive heat and wax. Other areas of the body are therefore usually much better suited to hot/cold play. It is also important to keep your eyes focused on the temperature. Depending on the distance to the body, very hot to almost cold wax will drip onto it. However, anyone who masters this game will give their passive partner incomparable pleasure!

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