Sex with Women in Vienna

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At first glance, sex with women - just like sex with men - sounds like a primarily heterosexual type of sex. It goes without saying that many men love being spoiled by a woman and / or actively seducing her themselves. But while many men don't seem to be quite so attracted to their own sex, women are often somewhat different in this respect. Bi- and homosexuality is no longer a taboo among women and so the associated sex with women has also been able to free itself comparatively quickly from the silent mourning.

The fact that men also like women who find sex with women hot has certainly contributed to this. Two hot ladies who ravish each other in front of a man are definitely a hot and popular fantasy. Both on the men's and women's side.

Who knows best what is wanted during sex with women? Many men are very sensitive to the signs of their sexual partners and have a good sense of a woman's needs. Romance, tenderness and feeling are therefore factors that should not be underestimated, even in heterosex. Nevertheless, sex with women still involves a little more melting and understanding on the part of the female participants. After all, both can also physically feel what is going on inside the other.

Do toys play a role in sex with women? Even if a woman really enjoys hand and tongue play between women, it doesn't have to stop there. Sometimes a really well-shaped and proportioned sex toy is the mother of sex - and yes, the male penis is temptingly shaped. A clear plus point in terms of vaginal and anal stimulation.

But when it comes to sex with women, women often don't want to share this intimate moment with a man. And women don't have to, because the sex toy industry is showing off its clever side and designing vibrators, dildos and strap-ons that will make every woman's heart beat faster. In this way, not only tongue and hand games are conceivable during sex with women - a pure lady sandwich or BDSM treatment can also be easily implemented.

Who is sex with women particularly exciting for? It is logical that bisexual and heterosexual men consider sex with women to be one of the most beautiful forms of play. Especially as the most diverse facets and preferences are satisfied here too.

Apart from that, more and more women are also discovering their desire for their own sex and therefore for sex with women. In contrast to many men, however, a certain familiarity and an intimate setting is necessary for them. So it is not surprising that many women tend to shy away from spontaneous sex with women in swingers clubs. But why not simply book a bisexual or homosexual lady? Who should know better than them what is desired during sex with women? And, last but not least: couples who fancy a threesome or voyeuristic games with women also belong in this group of lovers. Here too, the possibilities are gigantic and allow for top-class pleasure.


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