Nipple Torture in Vienna

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What seems completely absurd to other people can be the epitome of lust and horniness for masochists. One example of such painful torture games is nipple torture, which focuses on the nipples of the man or woman. As the nipples are one of the most sensitive areas of the human body, they are of course particularly easy to torture. However, you should know exactly what you are doing so that the pain of pleasure does not become a serious injury.

What variations of nipple torture are there?

The gentle version of nipple torture is part of normal lovemaking for most people. This is because nibbling, sucking or gently pinching the nipples can provoke an aroused tingling sensation. This can also be recognized by the fact that the nipples become firm and really stand up. This mechanism works for all women and most men. However, you can already guess what happens in the body: The nipples fill up with additional blood. This makes them even more sensitive during a real nipple ordeal.

One of the peculiarities of nipple torturing is that you can find suitable utensils in every household. This is because nipple clamps are ideal for clamping directly to the nipples and leaving them there for a while. You may still be able to get used to this nipple torture - but the pain is surprisingly great when the nipple clamps come loose again.
Experienced dominatrices come up with additional accessories to tantalize breasts and nipples. They often have special suction cups in their range that are placed directly on the breasts. The negative pressure they create increases blood flow to the breasts and makes the nipples stand out particularly well. Incidentally, this not only works with female breasts, but also with men.

Extreme forms of nipple removal are only advisable if the people involved know their way around. This applies in particular to all practices in which needles are used. For example, the nipples can also be pierced in a skillful way, and some ladies are even adept at creating real works of art around the nipples. All of these variations are referred to as play piercings - i.e. piercings that are removed after the BDSM – session. Nevertheless, or rather precisely for this reason, it is of course important to maintain one hundred percent hygiene so that the wounds that logically arise do not become infected. The question remains as to whether a mistress also pierces real nipples. Of course, this usually falls into the area of tattoo and piercing studios. However, in principle there is nothing to stop you from getting pierced during an S/M – session. Because if a lady is able to do play piercings, she can of course also do the normal variety. Proper piercings can of course also become part of the session, for example by considering the piercing as a permanent sign of belonging to the lady in question.
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