French Kisses in Vienna

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French kissing is also known as „French kissing“ and caresses and teases the lips and tongue of the kissing partner at the same time.  In this way, you get incredibly close to your potential sex partner and can ignite a real firework of lustful emotions plus the energy that goes with it. So it's no wonder that French kissing is often used as a hot test phase to check out the chemistry between each other.
French kisses are considered very intimate due to the high level of intimacy that plays an important role in them. Even swingers who like to fuck different people often reserve this sexual detail for their steady partner. The same applies to sex with professional ladies. Here too, tongue kissing and other physical contact are not linked per se.

What are the advantages of French kissing before sex? Really heating up your partner with lips, tongues and tongue: this idea is often quickly associated with cunnilingus or a blowjob. But while this is very much about getting down to business, tongue kissing is the perfect way to really inflame someone in advance.

Whether the eroticism that is kindled in this way should be fulfilled quickly or rather slowly is of course entirely up to the person giving out the tongue licks. But one thing is certain either way: if the chemistry is right, they will make you want more - at least for the next kiss.

What makes tongue kissing „during“ sex so hot? With sex, you often touch another person's body, but with a kiss, you touch their soul. This view is widespread and often means that many professional ladies and their clients do not necessarily feel the need to exchange hot kisses during sex. However, those who free themselves from this idea and at least consider tongue kissing during fucking can look forward to sensual moments. Whether during loving girlfriend sex or as a reward during BDSM play (if they are not taboo) -  the way is clear for the most diverse combinations and variations.

Tongue kissing „after“ sex – the spicy aftertaste

The man has come and the sex is as if it has been switched off? It can happen, but it doesn't have to. Because tongue kissing is a great way to prolong sex a little longer. Or to embed your orgasm in a hot game.

In this context, „snowballing“ is a real highlight. As soon as the man has cum in the woman's mouth, she can mix her spit with his sperm and return this mixture to him with intense tongue kissing. Her mouth, her lips and the taste of both mixed together in an intoxicating liquid. You can hardly get any closer to your sex partner than with tongue kissing like this.

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