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What may seem playful at first can be understood as a genuine sense of responsibility. Intercourse with protection means nothing other than safer sex. This not only protects the woman from an unwanted pregnancy, but also minimizes the risk of infection from possible sexually transmitted diseases for both partners.  

Do the pill and Aids test make intercourse with protection unnecessary? Every child learns at school that the pill protects against unwanted pregnancy. They also know that you can get tested for HIV reliably and cheaply. However, it is often overlooked that AIDS is not the only sexually transmitted disease that can be transmitted through physical contact and the exchange of fluids. Diseases such as herpes are not usually life-threatening. However, they are still unpleasant, so intercourse with protection also makes sense in this respect. Even if you are a professional lady, no man should demand that you do without intercourse with protection.

Intercourse with protection: what ways and means there are

The epitome of intercourse with protection is, of course, the condom. This is why condoms are now produced in every conceivable size, color and texture to be used specifically for genital, anal or oral sex. In order to make oral sex tastier in the truest sense of the word, condom manufacturers invented flavored rubbers many years ago. If you don't enjoy this taste, you should try a condom with a neutral flavor. Not using a condom during oral sex can no longer be described as intercourse with protection, as pathogens can also be transmitted this way. A condom is most likely to be used during vaginal intercourse and of course during anal intercourse with protection.

If a man wants to give the woman oral sex, there is also a remedy for intercourse with protection. In such cases, a so-called dental dam can be used, which is otherwise used for dental treatments. This is a wafer-thin latex sheet that is placed over the intimate area by the woman. This allows her to feel the movements of the man's lips and tongue without making direct body contact.
There are other possibilities for intercourse with protection in the fetish sector. With latex clothing in particular, it is possible to produce this with a penis sleeve or its inwardly protruding counterpart. In both cases, these are basically reusable condoms that guarantee real intercourse with protection thanks to the stable latex material.
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