Unshaven in Vienna

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Facial, body and intimate hair are subject to real fashion trends. Whereas decades ago it was perfectly normal for people to be unshaven, shaving the body is now considered perfectly normal. Surveys also show that most people not only shave themselves, but also prefer shaved to unshaven skin on others. But as is always the case, the majority does not include everyone. Some don't want to follow the trend and prefer to be unshaven.

Unshaven = lack of hygiene?

Many clean-shaven people immediately associate the thought of unshaven skin with a lack of hygiene. Although hair on men's faces is back in vogue, men are not allowed to be unshaven. But why not? Many women perceive unshaven male skin as masculine and also consider a cock with bushy intimate hair to be particularly sexy. However, this is by no means synonymous with poor hygiene. Unshaven men in particular pay meticulous attention to cleanliness so that they don't catch anything through their thicker hair.

Unshaven women are sexy! In most cases, „unshaven“ in women refers to the pubic area. Although many women also have natural hair growth under their armpits and on their legs, this is usually less pronounced than on men. Nevertheless, these are almost always areas for which the ladies reach for the razor, while they remain unshaven in the crotch area. This is mainly due to the fact that women like to wear nylons and skimpy tops and body hair would look unattractive in both cases. However, a few women choose not to shave at all and thus do the same as unshaven men.

Unshaven = desire for naturalness

While more and more people are moving away from naturalness, at least temporarily, through various fetishes, „unshaven“ means moving in the opposite direction. For women in particular, who often don't leave the house without perfectly painted fingers and an accurately made-up face, unshaven skin looks like a natural contrast. Unshaven also means that the woman does not necessarily need hot lingerie to emphasize her natural beauty. In fact, it is often the hair that can be seen as real body jewelry.

When shaving becomes a love game

A growing group of people find being unshaven erotic for a completely different reason: unshaven skin invites you to shave. Many men dream of being able to try their hand at pubic hairdressing or giving a woman silky smooth legs. Good reasons to stay unshaven.

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