Thai Massage in Vienna

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In Thailand it is known as „Nuan Phaen Boran“, but in Europe its title is usually „Thai Yoga Massage“. This is no coincidence; in fact, many elements of Thai massage are comparable to those of yoga. It also involves stretching, stretching and massaging various pressure points. In this way, the joints and the ten energy lines of the body are activated - welcome to the world of (passive) yoga and acupressure!

How does Thai massage work

As you may have already guessed, the main focus of Thai massage is on mobilizing and strengthening the body. Those who enjoy it feel exhilarated and dynamic afterwards. A feeling that certainly also has a positive effect on eroticism, even though the massage itself does not include any erotic moments or intimate touching.

With at least 77 different treatment techniques and a duration of one and a half to three hours, it goes without saying that this feeling is not achieved in the blink of an eye. Thai massage is suitable for people of all ages - the only requirement is that you can lie down on a floor mat with your clothes on and get up again.

This is how Thai massage supports the body

To really understand the effect of Thai massage, you need to immerse yourself a little in the Asian Ayurvedic world. According to their understanding, 72,000 energy lines run through the human body and Thai massage is able to address ten of them. Combined with calm and deep breathing, this massage technique can alleviate various complaints such as headaches, back and knee pain, dizziness and insomnia, according to Asian wisdom.
The reasons for this are a mobilized spine and muscles (more mobility), a stimulation of the metabolism and a better blood supply to the organs through deeper breathing. All good reasons to treat yourself to a massage.

Is a Thai massage erotic? Yes and no. In fact, the focus of a Thai massage is not on eroticism during the treatment itself. Nevertheless, many massage clients are happy about the generally activating effect and therefore also about the stimulation of the libido.

To avoid misunderstandings and to fully enjoy an effective Thai massage, it is important to choose a professionally trained and appropriately qualified masseuse. But afterwards you can really switch off and unwind in comfortable surroundings.


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