Strict Fixations in Vienna

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Strict restraints are the uncompromising type of bondage. While most bondage games during sex also leave the tied-up partner the option of freeing themselves from the predicament in an emergency, this is not possible with strict restraints. This is why knowledge and trust are essential factors to ensure that nothing can go wrong with strict restraints.

What should beginners know about strict restraints? While various bondage and S/M – practices were completely taboo in society just a few years ago, they are becoming increasingly socially acceptable. Bondage games are also finding their way into more and more bedroom beds. Surveys show that more than 80% of all women and significantly more than half of men consider bondage to be erotic in principle. However, very few of these people imagine strict restraints that not only completely restrict their freedom of movement, but also make self-liberation absolutely impossible. Without trust in the other person, nothing works with strict restraints. As a captivating part, you should also know how to handle the material well. Dry exercises can be used to train you to release even strict restraints within seconds. Some techniques also have a kind of emergency release for this purpose.

As a general rule, you should not have the idea of subjecting someone to a strict restraint at the same time as silencing them so that they can no longer make themselves heard. Because in the event of possible muscle spasms or even a panic attack, you must be able to communicate with the restrained person at all times.

Strict restraints as part of BDSM

Tight restraints play an important role in many acts that are intense or even painful. Of course, only if all taboos have been cleared up in advance. The tied up part can then be either tormented or tortured during a session, whereby the dominant part is of course free to play in all imaginable ways. In this context, strict fixations also serve to make masturbation impossible. Conversely, a strictly restrained person should not be able to wriggle out of a position if, for example, they are being pleasurably tormented.

What can strict restraints look like? Of course, all the restraint options known from normal bondage are available for strict restraints. Handcuffs and leather straps in particular are also very popular for strict restraints. In addition, gags and leather mono gloves are often used. A tight restraint that is only recognizable as such at second glance consists of extremely high heels or even ballet heels that are secured with a lock to prevent unauthorized removal. However, the wearer will not be able to take a single step in these shoes.

Special furniture is also often used for strict restraints. S/M studios in particular have special pillories, benches, slave chairs and St. Andrew's crosses. The person can usually be strictly restrained here, but also penetrated or treated in other ways.

This type of strict restraint usually takes place in an elegant or dark ambience. However, strict restraints can also be applied in white clinical settings. This is why the gynaecological chairs provided for this purpose have special restraint options for arms, legs and often also the neck.

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