Sensory Deprivation in Vienna

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Humans are characterized by their 5 senses. They can see, hear, smell, taste and feel. People who lack one or more of these senses are known to have interesting side effects. The senses that are still present often become stronger and allow a particularly detailed perception of the surroundings. Blind people, for example, usually have a particularly heightened sense of hearing and touch.

Of course, it is still a long way from this point to the erotic effect of sensory deprivation. However, it is known that even involuntary sensory deprivation can have a lot of effects on the human brain. A switch is flipped to a kind of tense curiosity and every conceivable stimulus is gratefully received. This feeling can certainly trigger a sexual kick, but you should be open-minded and open!

How does erotic sensory deprivation work? Erotic sensory deprivation, especially in a BDSM context, is about switching off individual senses. The best-known and most popular example of this is the eye mask, which particularly heightens the sense of hearing and touch. Even during normal sex within a partnership, this game has its appeal, because without eyesight you can often only guess what will happen next. In swingers clubs, many people enjoy being theoretically at the mercy of everyone present by depriving them of their sense of sight. Who is it that I am making out with right now? And who owns the cock that is currently inside me?
If you indulge in sensual deprivation with a dominant lady, you don't usually have to reckon with unexpectedly appearing play partners. However, he can never know which toy will be used next. To make the sensory deprivation even more tangible, a dominatrix also has other toys in store. Special earplugs or earplugs reduce the sense of hearing, and there are also special gloves that also switch off the hands' sense of touch.
Probably the most effective means of erotic sensory deprivation are head masks made of leather or a similar material, which not only cover the mouth, nose, eyes and ears, but actually seal them off. Only a tiny opening for breathing remains open, otherwise it is pure sensory deprivation.

Imprisonment as sensory deprivation

Another type of sensory deprivation that may seem more subtle at first is imprisonment. This involves being locked up in a solitary cell that does not allow a view of the outside world and also provides an environment with as few stimuli as possible. Real prisoners in particular report that they completely lose track of time in this way and that their sensory perception changes. In an erotic context, long-term imprisonment is of course not intended in this form. Nevertheless, even a few hours in solitary confinement can be an extraordinary kind of sensory deprivation - and the release from it can ultimately trigger a great sexual thrill.

Sense deprivation requires special attention from the dominant part

Anyone who subjects a submissive partner to sensory deprivation must be aware that this game can involve risks. What is an erotic thrill for some people can send others into a real panic. And since people are not machines, not everyone can correctly assess how they will react to sensory deprivation. It is important that they are caught if the worst comes to the worst so that they do not suffer any lasting psychological damage.

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