Sweat Cures in Vienna

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Sweating cures are a particularly popular wellness element. Many swimming pools and almost all upscale hotels have their own sauna where visitors can relax and recharge their batteries. However, hardly any of these sauna enthusiasts would think that sweating cures could also be part of BDSM. They are also often associated with bondage – although a sense of power is often involved in this erotic game, it does not necessarily have to be.

How do erotic sweat cures work?

Sweat cures in eroticism are primarily divided into two areas.

On the one hand, there is mummification, which can be combined with sweat cures. However, the bandages normally used for mummification are not made of linen or cotton, but rather elastic PVC tape or cling film. The person to be bound is first placed in the desired position and then carefully wrapped up. It should be noted, however, that the person must remain in the chosen position for quite a long time and should therefore be as comfortable as possible.

The other variant of sweating cures in the area of fetishism or BDSM is usually associated with a latex fetish. This is because special saunas or fruit bubbles are developed from this material, into which you can slip completely. These bags are closed at the neck, so the head remains outside. Of course, you can include your head in the sweating treatment by wrapping it in a special latex mask. Many of these latex masks can be opened from the inside, others require the help of another person.

Are sweat cures a punishment or a reward? That depends on the individual case. It is often perceived as a punishment to be wrapped up for as long as possible or to be stuck in a sauna bag. However, there are some variations in which a sweat cure can be combined with additional torture. For example, it is possible to leave the genitals exposed during mummification so that the immobile body can be tortured in this area. It may also be possible to connect electrodes here in order to carry out a stimulation current treatment at the same time.

It also works in a similar way with complete wrapping in latex, whether in an amniotic sac or a suit. There are models of both that allow interventions at the crucial points.

The complete treatment in a vacuum bed or cube, which is often shown in pornography, can also be seen as a sweat cure to a certain extent. However, caution is advised here, as the bound person cannot move at all and usually cannot make themselves understandable. This is why such sweat cures are more a matter for professionals.

What else you should know about sweat cures

Of course, hot sweat cures are not a sport. Nevertheless, they can be compared to it in certain respects. It is advisable to shower thoroughly beforehand. However, you can do without applying body lotion for the time being, as the sweat cure itself is known to be a sticky affair. After the sweat cure, the shower or bath is doubly important so that no unpleasant odors develop and nothing can become infected. Finish off with a fragrant body lotion.
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