Cock Training in Vienna

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The name of the game says it all: in cock training, the focus is on the man's best piece. However, the methods do not necessarily involve torture, as is the case with CBT. Because although there are various similarities, the tail training goes in a slightly different direction.

What is the purpose of cock dressing? A willing man who is available to his dominatrix at all times and can serve her with a rock-hard best piece in just a few minutes? This is the dream of many women. And the best thing about it: with some skillful cock training, it can easily come true.

The trick, of course, is this: Although the focus is on the cock, the whole man, including his entire personality, is involved. For this reason, submissive men in particular often have a soft spot for cock training. However, men who want to be more skilled and see it as a challenge to their own discipline are also interested in it.

What is the most popular form of cock training? Respect instead of fear and a good dose of discipline: as the term „dressage“ already suggests, tail training is primarily used to remove the tail from its owner's instincts and decouple it from them.

What may sound very abstract at first can be compared to a command obeyed by a dog such as "Stay!" at a road crossing. Here too, the owner's opinion counts for more than your own feelings and is obeyed directly.
The situation is similar with cock training, where the man learns to put his own physical sensitivities behind the will of his dominatrix or dominus. A penis or chastity belt is usually used as an aid for this: masturbation or sex are no longer possible – instead, cock training involves control by the dominant partner. Going to the toilet to urinate is logically excluded from this - but that also works with a penis ...

What role does the alternation of stimulation and pain play in cock training? The penis and chastity belt are one element of cock training. But once the penis is removed, the fun really starts for both sides.

Since BDSM is a very broad field, the supporting possibilities for cock training are almost endless: a cock ring to visually emphasize and stabilize the erection is just as useful as striking tools or a Wartenbergrad. And the use of electrodes on the testicles and penis can also work wonders when it comes to blood flow. Whether it's soft or hard is always in the eye of the dominant partner. But if he does it skillfully and the submissive part trusts him completely and lets himself go, it is guaranteed to be a real sexual highlight for both sides.

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