Swallow in Vienna

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Swallow, you slut!" For fans of this type of play, it is perfectly clear what a woman has to do with the sperm. Of course, this is not only cool, but also extremely practical: you just have to open your pants and take out your cock, and the woman can satisfy it extensively with her mouth. But what happens to the sperm afterwards? It's easiest if she's ready to swallow, because then you can even do without a condom or baggies.

Look or swallow?

For cock-hungry women, it's simply the greatest thing to work a male member with your hands and mouth and watch it get plumper and plumper. Shortly before the man's orgasm, however, the woman must decide whether she would rather watch the ejaculate squirt out or whether she would rather enjoy its taste. In the latter case, she can feel how the hard, twitching cock empties into her mouth and the creamy seminal fluid squirts out. Anyone who appreciates its slightly salty taste will love to swallow it.

Swallowing sperm doesn't always work

Many men want to have vaginal or anal sex with a woman, but still want her to swallow their sperm at the end. This means a kind of coitus interruptus, because you have to pull your cock out in time before you cum. It becomes even more difficult if you have worn a condom during sex, which would of course get in the way of swallowing. So there are a few hurdles to overcome. But swallowing is not a compulsory exercise, so you should simply be able to laugh together about any mishaps.

Swallowing semen as a form of humiliation

If a woman voluntarily puts herself in the submissive position, swallowing sperm can be seen as a gesture of humiliation. It is often the crushing conclusion to a BDSM session. In some cases, other men are also involved, so swallowing can become a real mass insemination. However, the participants should be healthy, as none and pathogens can also be transmitted orally.

In another variant, the man is in the submissive role. Here, for example, the lady can ask him to squirt his sperm onto her high heels, which he then has to lick clean. Of course, he has to swallow his own sperm in the process. It is even more humiliating if he has to watch the lady having sex with another man, whose sperm is then fed to him to swallow.
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