Stimulation Current Treatments in Vienna

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Almost everyone thinks of the doctor first when they think of stimulation current treatments. At least if you have ever been to the doctor's surgery with a stiff neck or other hardened muscles. The doctor or his assistants then place electrodes on the relevant areas and apply an electric current to them. This electrical stimulation is intended to help relax the hardened muscles.

Stimulation current treatments are also known from targeted muscle building. This is because when electrodes are placed in the relevant areas, individual muscles can be stimulated and trained without the need for physical exertion.

Erotic stimulation current treatments have been around since the early days of stimulation current therapy. Since the 1980s, however, there have been devices on the market that are especially suitable for erotic stimulation current treatment. These are offered as TENS devices, i.e. transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The main reason for the great popularity of these devices is that they provide a completely different kind of stimulation to other sex toys. Provided you follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly when using them, stimulation current therapy devices are also harmless. However, anyone with a pre-existing cardiovascular condition should consult a doctor before using this type of device.

How exactly do stimulation current treatments work?

Stimulation current treatments are actually always tingling. This is because the electrodes are not used to stimulate any muscle areas, but are placed directly on the primary and secondary sexual organs. For men, this usually involves the penis and testicles, and for women the vagina. In both sexes, the breast and anal area are also often included.

Depending on the type of stimulation and its intensity, stimulation current treatments can of course also be part of BDSM. For this purpose, the submissive part is often fixed to a St. Andrew's cross or a gynecological chair before the electrodes are attached to him or her. The chair is of course reminiscent of a gyno examination. The fact that they can be put under intense electric current can turn the stimulation current treatment into a pleasurable and painful experience. Experienced dominatrices have a whole arsenal of electrically stimulating sex toys at their disposal, which are of course also used with pleasure. So submissive women can experience the stimulation of an electrified dildo. This is similar for men, whereby the dildo also has a very special shape. As a urinary dildo, it acts almost like a needle that is inserted from the tip of the cock and then energized. To electrically stimulate the prostate, however, the dominatrix must first and foremost electrify the man's buttocks. There are special butt plugs for this type of stimulation current treatment. These are dildo-like plugs that are inserted directly into the rosette and remain there. If they are then energized, many men react with a strong orgasm.
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