Gyno Examination in Vienna

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The gynecological examination is probably the best-known type of play in the field of clinic sex. In most cases, a situation like that of a gynecologist is recreated in a role play. Many ladies are equipped accordingly in their own studios and have a specially equipped clinic room that is very similar to the treatment room in a doctor's surgery. The most important feature is of course the examination chair, which no gynecologist should be without.

Of course, no dominatrix will have a gynecological examination performed on herself. Therefore, this game can either be played between the customer and a maid of the dominatrix, or the lady may also accompany the gynecological examination of a paying girl.

No gyno examination without the right accessories

Even though catheters, gloves and speculums have long been available in well-stocked sex stores, professional ladies don't take any risks here. They are therefore happy to buy the appropriate equipment for gynaecological examinations from companies that also supply „real“ gynaecologists.

Once the patient is correctly positioned, the gynecological examination can begin. The vagina can be opened using a speculum to provide as good an insight as possible.

Of course, experienced women also know how to insert a catheter without any health risks. In general, the gynecological examination concerns the vaginal area, but can also be extended to the buttocks.
Sex does not play a central role in the gynecological examination. In some cases, the participants get their kicks from the examination itself. For others, however, sex in the gynecological chair is the crowning glory of the gynecological examination.

When men take a seat in the gynecological chair

As already described, gynecological examinations are mostly performed on women. However, especially in the BDSM context, the roles are often reversed. The man sits on the examination chair as the patient, the dominatrix (or her staff) then takes care of the cock, balls and rosette. To make the sensation even more intense, the patient can also be fixed to the gynecological chair. This is also necessary for some treatments, such as inserting needles into the penis and testicles: After all, these are painful procedures that require absolute calm and precision.

Gyno examinations are not for laymen

Many ladies who offer gynecological examinations are actually trained nurses and therefore know exactly what they are doing. Absolute hygiene is the top priority with this type of service, otherwise the gynecological examination could end up in a real clinic in the worst case scenario. Trustworthy ladies are also selective when it comes to their clients: if they consider someone to be unsuitable for psychological or physical reasons, they will rigorously refuse the gynecological examination. Of course, this also applies if an unsympathetic (and possibly even brutal) man wants to try his hand at being a gynecologist.
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