Caviar Passive in Vienna

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If a lady passively lists caviar as one of her preferences, this is a particularly rare statement. Because while a woman with caviar actively indicates that she is willing to donate her brown gold to a customer, the customer's own flesh is the object of her desire here. This information is so rarely read because, as we all know, every man is different and his caviar can be very different. Most ladies with a preference for passive caviar therefore still have the option of rejecting passive caviar from a man, for example if he seems unappealing or unkempt. Many women also turn away in the case of penetrations, even if they are otherwise open to many dirty ideas.  

Caviar passive is a great honor

Every man should be aware of this: If a lady is willing to play with caviar passively, it is an intimate affair. Compared to sex, this is often seen as even more intimate, as there is hardly any protection from direct contact during passive caviar. You should approach the matter accordingly: Dirty play in particular requires a friendly and particularly well-groomed demeanor. Even if you want to give your poop sausage to a caviar passive lady, you shouldn't be smelly or somehow grubby. On the contrary, a clean, well-groomed and, above all, well-groomed behavior will make it much easier for the lady to get involved in a caviar passive game.
Incidentally, the consistency and smell of the caviar can be influenced days in advance. By eating a healthy, meat-free diet and avoiding alcohol as much as possible, the caviar is perceived as less dirty overall.

Which games are passively possible with caviar? In principle, all of them. Some ladies are only prepared to passively pick up the caviar with their hands and then dispose of it immediately. Others use it to rub it on their bodies or even take it directly from the source with their mouths and then lick the man's asshole clean. Some guys also like to passively fuck the caviar woman after they have completely rubbed her with their poop. So it always depends on the woman in question how she interprets the preference for caviar passive for herself. Any refutations and attempts at persuasion on the part of the man are then completely pointless.

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