Caviar Active in Vienna

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There is no question that caviar is one of those very special preferences that not everyone shares. This applies to the fish roe that can be found on the supermarket shelves, but also to the "human" version. However, these are of course not eggs, but anal excretions. Ladies who actively list caviar among their services are only too happy to share it with others. Preferably, of course, with men who are passively enthusiastic about caviar. This game is also often referred to as toilet sex, although the toilet is not usually a wall-mounted, ceramic object.

What actually is toilet sex?

Whether you experience KV – games in the toilet or bathroom or elsewhere is generally irrelevant. However, „dirty“ ideas are most likely to be realized where the environment can be cleaned up relatively easily. Caviar active can also be experienced in the bedroom or elsewhere in the living area: special lacquered sheets that can be washed off after the game are gentle on the furniture and the surface. The lady is usually naked or undressed underneath and sits on the sheet so that her face is slightly raised. To do this, she can support herself with her hands, for example. Now she can actively push out the caviar, whereby the man can usually watch her and finds this pleasurable. Whether the caviar game is actively over at this point is a matter of agreement and personal preference. In some cases, the lady will also ask the man to rub herself with the brown gold or she will do it herself. Sex can then be a crowning finale - but it is not necessarily part of the caviar active game.  

What is a Human Toilet? Women who actively include caviar among their preferences don't necessarily just want to shit in front of their man, but also want their KV to be truly appreciated. This is done, for example, by pouring her brown gold directly into the man's mouth. This active play with caviar can take place during facesitting, whereby the man then presses his mouth directly onto her rosette and absorbs the caviar from the source. This is somewhat easier with special toilet seats. The lady can sit on these like on the toilet while the man lies underneath her. A compartment under the toilet seat is used to place his head. When he opens his mouth, the special sausage falls directly into it. Afterwards, depending on the arrangement, he can either chew and swallow the caviar, spit it out or use it to rub his body or genitals. Caviar active can therefore have many facets.

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