Detentions and Interrogations in Vienna

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There is probably no one who really dreams of being a prisoner. In Central Europe, you have very little to fear in prison if you stick to the rules. Nevertheless, prisons will never become a place of longing - unless it is a role-playing game. In fact, far more is generally allowed in such a game than in reality, provided the participants have agreed on this.

Detentions and relationships offer scope for cinematic scenarios

Imagine this: A man is sitting on a park bench, completely unsuspecting, when suddenly a group of people come rushing towards him. They grab him, pull a sack over his head, tie him up and push him roughly into a car, which speeds away with screeching tires. Bystanders might really believe that they are witnessing a brutal kidnapping and might even call the police. They are not very enthusiastic about such shenanigans, even if the people involved are all in agreement. But you still have to be accused of faking a crime.

What then follows under the motto of imprisonment and interrogation takes place in the complete exclusion of the public. In most cases, the detainee is pushed into an interrogation room where he is tied to a chair, a lamp is shone on his face and he is shouted at. All the practices known from gangster films can be used here. The prisoner is beaten, perhaps even spat in the face. Ice-cold showers or various torture methods such as flogging or hanging by the limbs also find their way into the role-playing game about imprisonment and interrogation. The complete opposite is probably the role play called Adult Baby, which is all about security.

After the seduction comes the imprisonment

Hardly any dominant lady imagines putting her prisoner in a cozy prison typical of Central Europe when it comes to imprisonment and interrogation. He is more likely to be placed in a real dungeon, where fellow prisoners may already be waiting for him. In the role-playing game Imprisonment and Interrogation, every cliché is played with in this respect too. It is therefore quite possible that the fellow prisoners are already waiting for fresh meat to rape him or her in a brutal manner. Perhaps various toys such as vibrators or dildos have even been smuggled into this prison cell and are now being used.

Imprisonment and relationships in a BDSM context: a game, but a tough one

Whatever pleases the participants is allowed. In particular, the victim or the offender can clearly indicate where their boundaries lie before the actual role play in the detention and seduction context. A safeword also serves as an emergency anchor in case things get out of hand or the offender panics in the meantime. All of this is absolutely necessary, because the role-playing game should be as realistic as possible. And, of course, it should sexually thrill the participants, especially the hunk.
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