Adult Baby in Vienna

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The adult baby is undoubtedly one of the erotic types of play that may seem the strangest to those not involved. In fact, it is quite unusual when adults want to slip into the role of a toddler or baby. The logical counterpart to the adult baby is of course the wet nurse or mother, or the father if the roles are different.

An adult baby has nothing to do with puberty

Whenever there is talk of children in sexuality, people have terrible images of abused wards in mind. As an adult baby, you also have to contend with this prejudice, although the idea is completely absurd: an adult baby wants to slip into the role of the infant, but would not be able to do anything at all sexually with real children.

Why do men become adult babies? Men who like to slip into the role of a baby can be found in all sections of the population and across all age groups. The men concerned enjoy crawling around in baby clothes, sucking on pacifiers and baby bottles, babbling incomprehensibly and being cleaned and changed by a woman who takes on the role of mother or wet nurse. Even if it is clearly about sexual satisfaction, the man's cock usually plays hardly any role, so the pleasure is mainly in the head. Of course, there is no prohibition on an adult baby having sex after this bizarre role play. However, this is rarely practiced.

Are there also female adult babies?

Of course, the role of the infant is not reserved for men alone. In fact, there are quite a large number of women who also feel very comfortable in this role. Women who like to slip into this role usually want to be cared for by their partner in a particularly loving, tender way. However, the desire for a submissive woman to take on the role of a baby is usually expressed by dominant men. It is not uncommon for this to involve the childlike scheme, so the men choose a lady who already appears very young and fragile. In the role play, the man then usually takes on the role of a strict father or teacher who instructs, teaches and, of course, chastises the adult baby. This adult baby role play may well involve sexual acts, but these are usually much harsher.
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