Outdoor Training in Vienna

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Some sexual variations are self-explanatory. And in the meantime, some of the more unusual variants have also found their way into Central European beds. However, there are still a few that are not so popular - including the outdoor version.

Anyone who associates this with dog or horse breeding and training is not necessarily wrong. After all, pony play is one of the most popular types of outdoor training.

What is meant by the term outdoor education?

Since outdoor education is based on a BDSM context, a dominant and a submissive part are mandatory. In contrast to very SM-heavy games, however, it is often primarily about D/s elements and especially about education.

The main point that distinguishes outdoor education from other forms is that there is no „cover“ from an apartment or studio. Instead, the „play area“ is also visible to other people. These can be specially invited guests for the sub, but sometimes also unknown guests. The attraction of being caught is therefore correspondingly great. Professional dominatrices have a good eye for where and how much they can risk without provoking a public outrage.

Is discreet outdoor education possible? As with other sexual and / or erotic forms of play, the motto „Whatever pleases“ is written in capital letters when it comes to outdoor education. In particular, people who are not yet so confident in a D/s relationship in public and want to train their skills there are much better off in quieter places.

For example, in a very quiet, little-visited woodland area, where there is already a lot of potential equipment for outdoor training. In this respect, tree trunks are certainly not to be despised for tying up or as a substitute for a fuck stick. And various branches and plants are excellent substitutes for a classic riding crop.

Another major advantage of outdoor training in more remote areas is that a gag is often not necessary because you won't be heard anyway. And although the risk of being caught is comparatively low, it is still not 150% impossible. So it's an extra kick.

How does outdoor education work in role play? Although outdoor education can be combined with SM practices, they do not have to take the upper hand. Rather, it can also be about very deep immersion in a very special role with the help of clothing and accessories.

An excellent example of this is pony play: pony boots, a mask, a tail, bridles, carriages etc. perfectly complement all other aspects of outdoor education. Of course, not only the sub is dressed according to his or her role: The master or mistress are also dressed in stylish outfits according to their position.
Especially Dominas usually develop a lot of creativity and attention to detail in this form of outdoor education and like to afford several ponies, which are brought up together and taken out on carriage rides. Perhaps this is also a good carnival idea for particularly courageous and publicity-loving teams?

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