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3. Country Road

Master uvm...
Lady Jessica: Exclusive & International, known from ÖKM, many international.Magazines and magazines

***The One&Only Original***

***Known from ÖKM, DDI, Irish Independent, Sunday world & the SUN***

***over 200 clips for FemDom-Austria production***

A dominant mistress, sadistic, bizarre, perverted, vicious, mean, deceitful, ungrateful, sexually obsessed, cool, extravagant, fanatical, capricious, stubborn, exhibitionist, unattainable and yet so close, demanding, without scruples, mysterious, wicked and yet very noble, strict, unyielding...

or quite simply a fiery she-devil!

A lady, racy and beautiful, who takes nothing and nobody into consideration!

You love her very special charm to captivate, dominate and torment you. She knows about your extraordinary bizarre desires as a gourmet, slave, servant, fetishist and even as a primitive toilet and worm. She knows how to exploit this, FOR HER PLAY, which often goes far beyond your limits. You go along with it, are fully involved and let yourself fall, because you adore her more than anything. Is it already love? I can not answer it.


It is your passion - your passion - to see and make me "MISTRESS JESSICA" happy!

Experience your passion up close, with me!!!

Beginners will be trained gently and erotically stimulating, also painless, or extreme to very hard, as I find it right. Advanced slaves are trained hard and mercilessly, if this should be necessary, mercy is a foreign word. I particularly enjoy receiving extreme slaves, as I can live out my flagellant tendencies to the full. Detailed preliminary discussion and clear agreements, but after that there is no going back!

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