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Relaxe Lounge
Enter, let yourself be seduced by our beautiful ladies and enjoy the sensual world of eroticism! A cozy studio full of beautiful girls who will read your every erotic wish from your eyes.
Get to know the lady of your choice before you retire to one of the atmospheric, clean rooms to live out your sexual fantasies, or enjoy yourself right away!
All rooms have showers - maybe you prefer a tingling foreplay under warm water, would you like to drive your lust to its climax in the pleasant wet? Tell the ambitious ladies what you have in mind, they are already in the mood for you and your lustful sex dreams!

Tel: 0681/0308541
Loeschenkohlgasse 22, 1150 Vienna
Opening hours:
Mo-Mi 5-05 pm
Thu-Sat 5-06 pm
Su 5-04 pm
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