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Something special
First of all:
I ...
... measure 100 cm (from head to toes); Wheelchair user   
... have two cats and a passion for red wine 🍷
... offer dates 💕 (GF6) with suitable chemistry & lingam massages 🙌🏼 for everyone
...require a 50% deposit for dates booked for an hour or more

Welcome, guest!

You are entering the realm of a special woman. Someone you've probably never met before. I am exceptional and only allow very special people into my kingdom. People who wear their hearts on their sleeves. People who can give themselves. People who give pleasure. People who are ready to surpass themselves.

Be welcome, friend!

You find yourself again, in the realm of the special woman. Someone who came close to you, touched you and showed you what fire burns in me and what embers you always rekindle. A woman who can and wants to give herself to you. A woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. A woman who gives pleasure and is ready to exceed herself.

Be welcome, beloved!

Feel comfortable and noticed, I see you! Put yourself into my hands. Let yourself be guided and guided, let yourself fall and I will follow you! I listen to your words, listen very carefully. Every whisper shall be my song. Let's love, for the moment, for this little eternity!

Come back soon, guest, friend, lover!

The kingdom is now yours too. I'm waiting for you. I hear our whispers in the distance. What remains is the memory, the scent of lust, the reverberations of our vows of love. Slowly and only slowly the pleasure fades up through the cracks in the windows into the sky. But not entirely - a little bit remains, like the last drop of a fine wine waiting to be drunk. The memory becomes a dream that brings me to you. Until you come back. I am here, my lover….
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