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Royal Massage Salon

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Royal Massage Salon

Himbergerstra&;e 47

2320 Schwechat

[email protected]

+43 677 630 24 103

Mo-Su 11:00-22:00

The types of massage
In general, a distinction can be made between full-body and partial massages. These include, for example, the pure facial massage or the back massage. Most types of massage combine both areas or incorporate different areas of the body into the massage.

The Lingam massage is a massage of the male genital area based on Taoist ideas. Here, not only the man's penis is massaged, but also his prostate.

The Erotic Tantra Massage is a full-body massage in which human intimacy is experienced in a broad field beyond traditional massage and modern sexuality.

The Yoni Massage is the intimate part of our massages for women only and is part of the Tantra massage. It actually serves to expand a woman's consciousness on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

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