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Erotic Nightclub Maxim Wien is a family-run nightclub in the heart of Vienna. For decades, Maxim Wien has been one of the best-known brothels in the city and offers an attractive workplace with an upmarket clientele. With a focus on growth, we are constantly looking for new industry talent. 


We are looking for YOU, 

-if you want to try yourself out for the first time or

-if you are already an absolute professional


It is important that you speak at least


Bonus points are awarded if you speak German


As a Maxim Girl, you are actively involved in the satisfaction of our guests. You are



-motivated and



What we OFFER you

-a lucrative job in the most liveable city in the world

-accommodation and workplace in the heart of Vienna

-attractive earning potential with no upper limit

-a safe and clean environment

-a familiar working atmosphere

-variable work opportunities (such as working in a club, as an escort or dominatrix)

-no hidden costs

-fun at work 


You can apply to us at any time. You can find more information and our online application form in various languages on our website 



We look forward to hearing from you!

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