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Of course, there are many more popular types of eroticism and a few that only have a manageable number of followers. Vomit clearly belongs in the latter group. Literally translated, vomit is called vomiting. Followers of this type of play therefore love to vomit or watch others do so. The vomit itself can also become the object of sexual pleasure. Incidentally, vomit has been known as an erotic game since ancient times.

The smells were vomit

What sounds like an exaggerated statement by a dissatisfied historian has another, true core. Back then, representatives of the wealthy upper classes loved to stuff themselves with food in binge-eating orgies, which often ended in communal vomiting. It is not known when some of the Romans recognized vomit as a sexual preference. However, the phrase "mixed shower" has survived to this day when it comes to vomiting in a sexual context.

What's the cool thing about vomit? There are also very different variations of vomit. Perhaps the most popular type of vomit is watching each other. You get excited watching someone vomit and, of course, experience the visual and olfactory stimulation. Other people take great pleasure in being vomited on in the best sense of the word. Most of these people then vomit on their bodies and then spread the vomit further over their bodies. In a few cases, the vomit is even eaten again during vomiting - either by the person vomiting themselves or by other people involved in the game.

How is vomit incorporated into BDSM – games?

Vomit can of course only be part of S/M practices if this has been expressly agreed in advance. However, there are many ways in which vomit can be integrated into the game as a stimulating component. For example, it is possible to fixate a submissive person and then vomit on them. The body can also be the target, but also the mouth. In this case, the mouth can be opened using a funnel or a special mouth lock so that it cannot be closed intentionally or reflexively. In this vomit – game, the person being restrained in this way is forced to swallow their partner's vomit. Conversely, the submissive partner can of course also be forced to vomit themselves. To do this, fingers or other objects are inserted into his or her throat to induce vomiting.

Are there any health risks associated with vomiting? It is obvious that it is not healthy to eat half-digested food again, especially from another person. After all, in addition to gastric juices, these foods contain all kinds of substances and microorganisms that contribute to digestion, which are different for each person. Vomit is also not entirely harmless for the person vomiting, however, as the vomit contains pungent acids that attack the esophagus, oral mucosa and tooth enamel. So if you think vomit is a great way to play, you shouldn't indulge in it too often - for the sake of your health.

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