Verbal Humiliation in Vienna

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Many people know from everyday life that verbal humiliation can have a similar power to physical humiliation. Here, of course, respectful interaction should be maintained at eye level. In erotic terms, however, this can be quite different: It is often perceived as pleasurable to relinquish control for a few moments and to put oneself in a subordinate position, even through verbal humiliation. Of course, this can take many different forms and be interpreted in many different ways by those involved.

The verbal humiliation in dirty talk

A comparatively harmless form of verbal humiliation also takes place in many bedrooms where BDSM hardly plays a role. In the context of so-called dirty talk, the roles are not always clearly divided into dominant or submissive, but terms such as „horny slut“, „fuck cunt“ or the like are still used. It is clear that the verbal humiliation is not always perceived as such, but it still has an effect and provides an erotic kick. There is hardly any limit to the imagination of those involved. In this context, it is of course particularly important to respond to your partner and not to use words that could actually hurt him or her deep down.

Verbal humiliation in the field of BDSM

BDSM can almost never do without verbal humiliation. There is simply no better way to make the submissive part aware of their role and put them in their place. Verbal humiliation can also take very different forms here. For example, it is a popular way of reducing the submissive partner to the status of an object or completely avoiding addressing them directly. It is also common for the submissive partner to be forced to verbally humiliate themselves by calling themselves worthless, dirty or starry-eyed. Many tops also love to mock their bottoms or taunt them with hurtful terms of endearment. It is also common for dominant people to verbally assign their partner to the opposite sex or an animal. The verbal humiliation is often supported by matching accessories or clothing, such as women's underwear or a dog's tail worn as an anal plug.

Unlimited verbal humiliation

Of course, the same applies to verbal humiliation: whatever pleases the participants is allowed. It is therefore always necessary to agree in advance how the erotic game may proceed. Nevertheless, it makes sense to define a code word with which the submissive partner can express any transgression of boundaries. After all, it goes without saying that verbal humiliation must not cause any lasting psychological damage.
Once these things have been clarified, however, nothing stands in the way of playing with verbal humiliation.
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